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  • Guangzhou GuoYi kitchenware co.,ltd.
    ADD;Xinqiaoxi Shanggang Industrial,Shiji Panyu District,Guangzhou
    TEL:020-84555626 39960068

Company profile
  • Guangzhou GuoYi kitchenware co.,ltd. is a kitchen  specializing in the design, manufacture various types of energy-saving  high-tech-based stainless steel kitchen. If the new energy-saving steam bellows  heater; eight unique return "fire-tube structure of the energy-saving heat   exchanger Steam Boiler"; soup practical energy-saving stove, oven-head, steam electric furnace, sophisticated single-and double oven fried products.  These energy-saving products and safety have reached the international advanced  level, so that all the major provinces and cities nationwide best-selling  product, won the admiration and trust of customers...

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